10 Thunks I Thunks I Thunk Or Thereabouts

With a tip of the Shades to peter King (and a healthy dose of lack of originality thrown in for good measure), I bring you “10 Thunks I Thunk I Thunk or Thereabouts”

  1. This may have been the first weekend since we bought it at the school auction that we didn’t use the hot dog grilling machine for dinner one night.
  1. We finally joined the 21st century. We got TIVO on Saturday and my iPad comes tomorrow. We have come a long way from 3 part memos & rotary dial phones.
  1. Blackhawks vs Flyers does a lot less for me than Blackhawks vs Canadiens would have. Dustin Byfuglien is on the roll of a lifetime right now.
  1. As golf becomes personally less important to me, it becomes more important in the world surrounding me.
  1. I really need my garden to get back to it’s Summer of 2008 levels. I am working too hard at it to see it fail again. I really need to harvest handfuls of nasty habaneros.
  1. LOST is over. The fringe storylines that drove the middle of the story went mostly unanswered in the end. In the grand scheme things, they didn’t matter after all.
  1. Java Monster Chai Hai Tea may be my favorite energy drink of all time.
  1. How many “journalists” will be willing to “do the crime” to “get the time” in the lockup with Lindsay Lohan once she gets sent up the river ?
  1. One of these days I am going to finish the book I have been writing. I am also going to finish the book I am reading before then too.
  1. I wish I could wiggle my nose and make the hands on the clock spin like a top. 5pm just can’t get here soon enough.
  1. Baseball has played how many games ? They have how many more to play ? Can you tell I don’t care ?
  1. I love seeing the judges from CHOPPED show up on other cooking competitions & fail. Just desserts I say.
  1. Nothing interesting ever happens in the windows of the building across the street from my office.
  1. So much for a private school education, I still haven’t learned how to count to 10.

And that is the view for now from Behind The Shades…swampy abides



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2 responses to “10 Thunks I Thunks I Thunk Or Thereabouts

  1. swampynomo

    and now wordpress won’t let me change the numbering – oh well – still fits for what would have been # 14

  2. Great, funny….I still feel terrible about your garden. Load that new sucker up with piles of Miracle Grow, you’ll be eating those fancy peppers in no time.

    Golf, baseball, Lost, Lindsey…not my thing. Hey, I’m honest.

    Give me the address of the building across the street from your office….you will never be bored looking again. 😉

    Private education, a true privledge I would think, I passed that up due to the plaid shirts. No regrets.

    Great Blog, finish both your books, just do it!

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