Dancing with the Stars – 3.21.11

It’s time once again for ABC to scrape the bottom & sides of the celebrity world as they stretch the very definition of the word “Stars” so that they can bring us the 12th Edition of Dancing with the Stars.

Now you know you either watched it live or watched highlights on the news or even read a re-cap somewhere online. It’s like that accident on the side of the highway. You just have to look and look we did to all 2 hours & 2 minutes and this is what Mrs. Swampy & I thought…

Is there a corporate sponsor for the Ballroom and if there isn’t, how soon before there is ?

What was that thing growing out of the side of Brooke Burke’s dress ?

Disney obviously trains their young kids well. I have no idea who Chelsie Kane is but the young lady can dance. Her only problem will be fan base support.

Wendy Williams scared me.

Hines Ward will go deep into the competition because NFL Players aren’t going to have anything else to do this spring. He also didn’t look too bad and he has a partner that likes to wear very little.

Did Petra Nemcova dance ? I don’t remember seeing her. And I think “Supermodel” is a bit of stretch.

Romeo has the hardest working partner in the cast. Chelsie can make anyone but Michael Bolton look good. It also looks like she hit the gym during the winter months.

Kendra Wilkinson. Yawn. I bet that was an animatronic version of Hef that they brought out to be in the audience last night.

Sugar Ray Leonard looked less afraid of Marvin Hagler than he did that dance floor.  20 years ago he would have been gliding across the floor. Now he looks like an old fighter with bad footwork.

I half expected I AM JERICHO to cut a promo after his dance but I guess they are saving that for later in the season. While Chris was a bit on the stiff side, he was considered “precise” (thanks Carrie Ann) and he does have a partner who has won in the past. If she can loosen Chris up a little, he could last a couple of weeks.

What is a Psycho Mike Catherwood ? I fast forwarded through his clip & dance. From what I saw, he can’t dance.

I just watched the final 10 minutes of the original Karate Kid on Sunday morning and Ralph Macchio may have actually looked older back then. I didn’t see what the judges saw in his foxtrot but he is your leader after the first dance.

And then there was Kirstie Alley. She is the “celeb” that everyone is watching this year. Everyone wants to see whether she can get her “Fat Actress” butt around the Ballroom without the aid of a Hoveraround. Well here years of dance training back in the day paid off because she looked (at least for one week) like a female version of Jackie Gleason. She was very nimble and actually carried her weight well. It will also help her cause that she has Maks as a partner. He will tear his shirt off for no reason and female fans of the show tend to respond to that very well. Kirstie did finish 1 point behind the Karate Kid but you just have to know that the phone lines blew up for her after the show.

I know I will watch again. I can’t guarantee that I will comment at such great length but on a night where there were no sporting events to watch, it sure beat watching House Hunters International.

Until next time, Swampy abides….



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6 responses to “Dancing with the Stars – 3.21.11

  1. My favorite line? “Sugar Ray Leonard looked less afraid of Marvin Hagler than he did that dance floor. 20 years ago he would have been gliding across the floor. Now he looks like an old fighter with bad footwork.”

    Nicely done. You made me want to watch it now. But I’ll have to have my laptop so I can google who these people are.. I know few of them.

  2. CameSawShopped

    Did not watch one second of it…knew that twitter would be abuzz with DWTS commentary all day today and, I was right!
    Your take is very entertaining and informative. You seem to have captured
    the essence of the show…just enough “snark!”

  3. Brooke’s dress: exactly. The “thing” had a diameter larger than her waist.
    I cannot believe you did not address Ralph’s hair. Was it a toupee? Or just a bad dye job on an atrocious cut? That was one of the few contestants my daughter knew who it was. “He’s from The Outsiders!”
    Wendy: awful. Worse than that: annoying and awful.
    Kirstie: surprisingly good! She was lighter on her feet than a few others. Surprised that Sugar Ray looked that heavy on his feet.
    Looking forward to next week’s roundup.

    • swampynomo

      You are absolutely right – the Karate Kid’s hair had a life or death of it’s own. His DWTS stylist must have been cringing all night. Next week should another awesome trainwreck to watch.

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