MT140 2.0 – thin blood

It’s cold. Not as cold as it has been in the past or even as cold as it has been in other parts of the country but it’s still cold. It has to be cold if I notice it and my wife thinks I’m a Polar Bear. I think I am probably noticing the cold more now because of my recent weight loss but I think the real reason I am noticing the cold is due to the fact that my blood has thinned.

I grew up in the northeast. I played hockey on an outdoor rink from the time I learned to skate right through high school. I learned to ski in Vermont. I went to college in Vermont. After college I lived in Denver. I was never really out of the cold. My body got used to it and accepted it. Then I moved to California.

It was never cold in California. It was then that my thick arctic blood began to thin. When I eventually moved back east, i bought a heavy winter overcoat. I started to gain weight. I built up a layer of insulation on the outside to help keep my insides warm. When I was told last year by my doctor that was going to need to lose weight or else, I lost the weight but I never thought about the chilling consequences that would come with my weight loss. That is, I never thought about them much until this week when it got cold. Now I am convinced that living a softer life turned me soft & my blood then. I am going to have to toughen up and thicken my blood soon because winter has only just begun.

Here’s to staying warm without an overcoat !


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  1. It makes a lot of sence. Too bad the doc can not offer a substitution for warmth after the weight comes off. In the end, a good trade off for your overall health. Women of a certain age have a built in mechanism which keeps us warm, sometimes to an extreme. Perhaps you can look into some of the great products by Under Armor, my boys swear by them for warmth. Sheesh, I wish Under Armor had some garmets to make hot flashes more comfortable. Good luck this winter staying warm.

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