I Am In A Culinary Rut

I am in a culinary rut.

I love to cook. I always have. My family loves it when I cook and I love to cook for them. It’s just that recently I haven’t felt the fire that I need to finish off some of the half baked ideas I used to have almost every time I walked into the kitchen. I have a 9 foot by 4 foot spice rack that is full to overflowing and when I look at it, I see nothing. When I open the fridge, I see jars & bottle of different sauces & spreads and I yawn. When I look in the fridge or freezer, I see cut after cut of meat or fish and I think about takeout. The Super Bowl is a little over 17 days away and I haven’t even begun to think about my game day menu and if you know me, you know that is bad. I’m not even sure if I have the alligator in the freezer that I will need for my mandatory & much requested alligator chili. So yeah, I am in a culinary rut.

I am sure that I can put some of the blame on the lifestyle change I was forced to make last spring when my doctor sent me to my room without dessert and I am sure I can put some of the blame on the DIE-t I went on to go with that lifestyle change. Sure I lost 48 lbs and now I can eat just about anything I want any time I want (within reason) but even that hasn’t inspired me to get wild & crazy in the kitchen. I guess I feel like a part of me has an out of order sign hanging on me and the service person keeps having to re-schedule.

Slow cooker recipes bore me. Cookies were fun for a while but the holidays are over. I can only justify cookies as donations to food banks and I can’t justify them for myself. I haven’t been traveling anywhere new so I haven’t had a chance to try some new dishes that I can try to spin at home. I haven’t tried out for CHOPPED or had my wife & kids hit me with a mystery basket full of bizarre ingredients. I was hoping that the NFL playoffs would inspire me but most of the teams with interesting cuisines got eliminated already and I am not all that inspired by the food of Baltimore, New England & New York though I can most certainly play with San Francisco. Even my writing feels a bit like limp overcooked pasta to me.

So what do I do ? What do you do when you are stuck in a culinary rut ? How do you get excited about being in the kitchen again. I generally hate blogs that ask a question but I am tuck so I am all ears, eyes & tastebuds for any idea you may have no matter how outlandish. If you know me, you know I will try most anything (within reason).

So come back next time when hopefully I will be out of my culinary (and literary) rut and we will be discussing the incredible Super Bowl Menu that you all have inspired me to create.



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6 responses to “I Am In A Culinary Rut

  1. I SOOOOOO feel your pain of the rut. I have been there so many times. I got kicked out of my most recent rut by the need to try a new diet for my kids and it’s forcing me to learn to bake and cook all over again. Although the transition to gluten-free has kicked me in the rear on a whole new level, I find it’s often an event or a person that needs something that inspires me to get in the kitchen and cook again. Maybe the Superbowl menu will come through for you yet 🙂 Good luck! It’s no fun. Especially when the family starts circling asking what’s for dinner.

    • swampynomo

      My mother was gluten-free in the last few years of her life and cooking for her was challenge but it was a great challenge. I am sure you are doing a great job for your kids. Thanks for checking in and I’ll have that Super Bowl menu planned & posted soon….I hope.

  2. It helps that both of us cook so the other can function when one is in a slump. Maybe taking an inventory of the frig and freezer and then googling recipe ideas for the most exotic mixture you can think of will strike your funny bone.LOL

    • swampynomo

      I suppose I could play a brand of CHOPPED at home by just closing my eyes and grabbing 4 random ingredients. It can’t be that bad. Thanks for checking in.

  3. OpinionsToGo

    Oh, Doug, say it ain’t so! You can’t be in a culinary rut!! You are the “go to”
    guy for all things food related. You have shared the best photos of the best food from everywhere. Come on man…pull yourself together!

    • swampynomo

      I’m trying Joanne – I am starting to think Super Bowl and my readers at allrecipes are giving me lots of suggestions. I promise to come back strong !

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