Who Is Going To The Souper Bowl – My NFL Prediction Blog

At the beginning of the National Football League season I wrote a prediction blog that was somewhat tongue in cheek and somewhat based in fact or at least what I considered to be true. Only one of my final Super Bowl selections made it into the playoffs and they got bumped off in Round 1 with one of the most pathetic offensive displays on record. Not too shabby if I do say so myself. (what color is the sky in your world Doug ? Blue & Orange like a Tebow jersey I reply) So now that I have a whole season worth of games and two rounds of the playoffs behind me, I am ready to dive into my National Foodball League Playoff Predictions Blog to see who will make it to the Souper Bowl !

American Foodball Conference

Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots – Sunday at 3pm eastern

The Ravens should have been one of my picks to make it to the Souper Bowl. They had an up & coming young quarterback who looked to be on the edge of stardom. A running back with a food related last name who could slip through cracks in the defensive line as well being a punisher. They had a receiving corp that while unspectacular at first glance could bring the ball in and finally they had a defense, led by alleged convict at linebacker, that was still among the most feared in the league.

The Patriots were the Patriots and they were not happy about their recent lack of playoff success. They were led by the Walking Talking Touchdown Tossing Ken Doll at quarterback. They had a running back with a name like a law firm. An undersized receiver that no one in the league wanted and now no one can stop. They had a pair of tight ends like no others ever seen in NFL history and let’s be honest, the less said about the defense, the better. I never thought they would get as far as they did (even though when I look back I see I had them losing in this round).

Now that the American Foodball Conference Championship game is here we have seen that little has changed. The Ravens quarterback, Joe Flacco, has been less than spectacular this year but it hasn’t mattered because the team has won. They played smash mouth football and dispatched the Texans in the Divisional Playoff round. They have beaten the Patriots before and are certainly capable of doing it again. The Patriots once again have an offense that scores in bunches. They seem to play with the old AFL philosophy of keep scoring & scoring and to hell with the defense (unless of course they are playing against Tebow & my Broncos – then they turn into 11 All Pro defensive players).

Now when I think of Baltimore I think of Crabs and when I think of New England I think of Chowder. It’s going to be cold in New England and what better way to get to the Souper Bowl than with a warm bowl of soup. So I decided for this round of the National Foodball League Playoffs, we would put up Soup vs Soup. For the Ravens I picked Old School Baltimore Crab Soup (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/old-school-baltimore-crab-soup/detail.aspx) – a relative newcomer to the AllRecipes family but one that has been accepted well. For the Patriots, rather than go with a basic New England Clam Chowder, I decided to give it a twist, much like the Patriots offense, and I chose Marilyn’s Cheesy Clam Chowder (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/Marilyns-Cheesy-Clam-Chowder/Detail.aspx?prop31=3). This was soup that my wife craved during two of her three pregnancies and those kids didn’t turn out so bad so I think it is still a solid though unconventional choice. In fact if I were just picking this game on food alone, I would probably pick New England but I am not picking it on food, I am picking it on football. So while the Patriots may be favored, I looking at Baltimore to make it to the big game in Indy on February 5.

National Foodball Conference

New York Giants vs San Francisco Giants – Sunday at 6:30pm

I’ll admit it. I dismissed both of these teams without a second thought at the beginning of the season. I compared the Giants to a lukewarm overrated hot dog and said the Forty Niners were more like ripple than chardonnay. Guess I got those two wrong but then again so did a lot of other supposed football experts. So let’s re-evaulate these teams and give them some food that is a little more to their credit.

The Giants have Eli Manning. Not a sentence that would usually strike fear into an opponent. At least not until the fourth quarter when Eli flips a switch and suddenly becomes the second coming of John Elway. No quarterback in the league led his team to more come from behind victories this year than Eli – not even Tebow. They also have a receiver with freakishly large hands and another one who seems to shimmy & salsa his way into the end zone whenever the team needs a big play. Let’s not forget that they have a defensive line that just crushes quarterbacks too.

The Forty Niners have a quarterback that most people assumed was a busted draft pick a few years back who played steadily all season and came into his own with a magical and unexpected 28 yard touchdown scamper last week against the Saints. His running backs produced, his receivers caught the ball and his tight end finally lived up to his hype. The defense didn’t give up a rushing touchdown until the second last week of the season and like the Giants, they know how to hit. The Niners also have a new coach who knows how and wants to win. They were the class of the NFC West from Week 1.

Now when I think of the Giants, I think of bagels, dirty water hot dogs and piles of pastrami but in keeping with the Souper Bowl theme, I am going to have to go with a classic Manhattan Style Clam Chowder (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/Manhattan-Style-Clam-Chowder/Detail.aspx?prop31=2). It’s bold, it’s zesty and it delivers. When I think of the Niners, I think of Fisherman’s Wharf and all of the excellent seafood you can get there so I was about to pick a Cioppino but seeing as how I think the Niners are going to beat the Giants, I picked San Francisco Sourdough Bread (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/San-Francisco-Sourdough-Bread/Detail.aspx?prop31=2) so the Niners and their fans can sop up the leftover Eli Chowder.

So there you have it, on February 5 it will be the Baltimore Ravens vs the San Francisco Forty Niners in Souper Bowl XLVI. Come back next time when we review how right or wrong I was with my predictions.


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