MT140 6.0 – used cars & the commute

I have been driving the same route to the train station for the past 15 almost 16 years. It’s 10.4 miles of rolling country roads. It’s actually quite picturesque and as far for the New Jersey stereotype as you can get. There is one house that always catches your eye about two thirds of the way there. It is next to a pond by the back entrance to a school. It has a white picket fence that runs between the pond & the driveway and at the end of the driveway sits a used car for sale. It hasn’t always been the same car but there is always a car. It changes every few weeks. I couldn’t tell you if the phone # is always the same or not. I have never bothered to look that closely as I go by at 40mph. The cars obviously sell. Right now there is a silver mid-sized something sitting there that fully expect will be replaced in another week or so by another mid-sized something.

Just one of the things I notice on my commute.



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4 responses to “MT140 6.0 – used cars & the commute

  1. OpinionsToGo

    I really love your most recent posts about your commute…interesting and colorful and totally entertaining.

  2. Your post is a lovely meditation.

    When I first went to New Jersey, I was surprised by how beautiful it was; the stereotypes are inaccurate.

    BTW, I’ve been using public transport more, and I think of you when I get onto a train car at rush hour that’s filled with all the varied people, annoying or not, trying to get somewhere; it’s so different from being alone in a car.

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