MT140 7.0 – Linsanity & The Rangers

Linsanity has gripped the metro area this month in a way that is usually reserved for Old Man Winter. New York City and the New York media have gone absolutely crazy for Jeremy Lin, the kid from Harvard who fell off his brother’s couch and into the starting point guard position for the New York Knicks. His heroics have landed him on the front & back pages of the local tabloids. His jersey is the fastest selling jersey at the NBA Store on Fifth Avenue. His meteoric rise & his Christian faith have him being compared to Tim Tebow. He is truly the toast of the town on a team that had already been dismissed & forgotten during the Giants run to the Super Bowl.

And all this time, in the very same building, the New York Rangers have been slowing running away with the Eastern Conference and very few people outside of the hockey world have taken notice. They win games with a hard-nosed dedicated style and a matinee idol goaltender who is having a dream season. They pass around an ugly & beat up Broadway hat after victories that resembles the type of coverage they get in the press. You can usually find their single article somewhere between the local college basketball results and the race postings from Aqueduct. It’s almost like they don’t exist and I love it.

Let the NY media horde chase The Linsanity. Let them put the Knicks on the back page every day. Let the Rangers be virtually ignored. This team is special and it is excelling under the radar. I was at MadisonSquareGarden on that fateful night in 1994 and I would love to be there again in 2012. You can “Bring On The Linsanity” all you want as long as the “Let’s Go Rangers !” keep winning.



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2 responses to “MT140 7.0 – Linsanity & The Rangers

  1. You’re Linsane! … just felt like saying that. Great Post

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