MT140 6.2 – the deli & the #commute

We live in a small town out in the country. We have lived here for almost sixteen years. We have one grocery store, two dry cleaners, two drugstores, three pizza places and a couple of delis. One of the delis is located right in the center of town and I have never been to it. I have driven by it thousands upon thousands of times and never once thought about stopping there. They have virtually no parking on the street in front and I couldn’t tell you if they have any parking in the back. You wouldn’t even know it was a deli if it weren’t for their name on the awning above the door and the small specials sign in the window. It’s that sign in the window however, that has caught my attention and fascinated my imagination over the years.

For the first 13 years we lived here the weekly special at the deli never changed. It was always “Lobster Salad Sandwich”. The only change the sign saw in that time was an increase in the price from $5.99 to $6.99 about 6 years ago. It became a running joke in our family. Then three years ago a high end Italian Deli & Market moved in two buildings down the block and things changed. The weekly special actually became a weekly special. The Lobster Salad Sandwich was gone and in it’s place were Turkey & Brie Baguettes, Italian Heroes, Roast Beef on Rye and Ham & Cheese. It became just another deli to me & my family. In time, we even stopped looking over to see if the sign had changed. For some reason though this morning on the way to the train I did look and it brought a smile to my face. The sign wasn’t lit up and you could barely read it in the darkness of 5:30am but it said, “Lobster Salad Sandwich $7.99”.

Not quite the same but close enough.



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2 responses to “MT140 6.2 – the deli & the #commute

  1. OpinionsToGo

    And, your post brought a smile to my face too…great ending!

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