9 Bags of Sugar – A DIE-t Update

One year ago, Dr. Killjoy sent me to my room without dessert. He told me that I had a bad heart, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and weak lungs. He also said that I needed to lose 45 pounds if I wanted to live long enough to see my three children grow up. While I will admit it was not unexpected, it was still quite a wakeup call. I needed to change my lifestyle and I needed to change it right now.

So I did.

I started eating cleaner and eating smarter. I cut out the extraneous sugar. I cut out the extra fats. I started exercising every day instead of weekends only. I started walking until my feet didn’t hurt as much. Then I started jog/walking until my shins didn’t hurt as much. Then I started jogging/running until my knees didn’t hurt as much. I made myself keep moving all the time in order to make myself pay for the extra weight that I was carrying and it started to work. Suits that had been in the back of the closet that hadn’t been seen in years began to see time in my regular rotation. I had to buy a new belt. I had to relearn how to tie my tie since my neck was smaller and my belly was smaller so suddenly my tie was a lot longer if I tied it the way I had previously. I didn’t have to unbutton my jeans because they just slipped right off. My wife said I was starting to appear somewhat gaunt. I hadn’t stepped on a scale after I broke through the 200 lbs. barrier, so at the end of August I finally got on one again. I had started my DIE-t at 225 and that morning I was 173. I had lost a total of 52 lbs. I was stunned. I also realized when I looked closely in the mirror that my wife was right. I actually needed to put on a few pounds which I happily did.

When I went back to see both my cardiologist and Dr. Killjoy this past fall, they were both amazed. They both told me how they tell people all the time to exercise & lose weight and that people just won’t & don’t do it. I have a hard time wrapping my head around why someone wouldn’t do what a doctor tells them to do when their life and the lives of their family are on the line. Maybe it’s just me but breaking old bad habits wasn’t hard to do when I started thinking about my kids & my wife and the possibility of them having to go through life without me. They might actually be happier but I know I wouldn’t be.

Today I weigh right around 180 lbs. I bounce between 177 and 181. I have lost the equivalent of 9 bags of sugar. I went to the store the other day and had my wife & kids pile 9 bags of sugar into my arms just so I could see what 45 extra pounds felt like and it really felt heavy. I don’t know how I carried that much extra weight around but I did. Now my cholesterol is lower, my lungs are stronger and my heart is better but I still have some hypertension so I am still taking my heart medication daily. I think that will go away when I go in for my next heart exam in June. I still have a little roll (or as my son calls it – fluff) around my middle but after all the time & money I invested in getting that roll/fluff, it’s hard to actually see it all go away. I know with time I may get a bag of sugar back but I’ll never let myself get back to where I was when this whole thing started.

So come back next time, when we finally open the three boxes of Girl Scout Cookies that I locked away in my bottom desk drawer a year ago when I started my DIE-t and don’t forget to eat clean, eat smart & keep moving. It worked for me and it should work for you.

Now does anyone need an extra 5lb bag of sugar ? The store made me buy them all 9 of them.



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3 responses to “9 Bags of Sugar – A DIE-t Update

  1. Wonderful post today. Very nice job.

    I look forward to your future writings!

    Enjoy Writing? Writers Wanted

  2. OpinionsToGo

    A wonderful post, showing what common sense and hard work can do!

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