MT140 10.0 – The Morning Workout

Last night I went to bed at 10:15pm. Nothing too unusual about that. I was pretty tired too considering I had been at the Rangers game the night before. I fell asleep almost as soon as I kissed my wife good night. I was out cold. Next thing I knew my bedside watch alarm went off and I stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom. I got into my workout clothes in the dark just like I do every other morning. Then I stumbled down into the basement where I turned on ESPNEWS and put on my sneakers. I hopped up on the Elliptical, switch the TV to my DVR recording of CASTLE and started churning away. I was beat and my legs were barely moving and I feel behind my usual pace. I started churning harder and soon I was a soaking wet mess thanks to the building humidity in the basement. After 45 minutes CASTLE was over (judicious fast forward) and I flipped over to the Weather Channel to see what I had in store for my commute. That was when I saw the time. I figured there had to be something wrong with the cable guide again. I flipped back to ESPN and saw the same time on their screen during their 3rd Quarter Update from the Lakers-Nuggets game in Denver. I flipped over to either TNT or TBS and there was the game going on live in front of my eyes.

It was 12:33am.

I had slept for less than 90 minutes and thought I had heard my alarm in my sleep when all I really had needed to do was what any other 50 year old guy does once or twice a night thanks to the aging process. I was not happy. I felt like an idiot. I took a shower. Reset my alarm for an hour later than usual and went back to sleep. My wife never woke up and she never noticed I was gone. I really need to start looking at the clock whenever I wake up.


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  1. kcecelia

    This is awful and hilarious, both. I am glad you got more sleep.

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