MT140 11.0 – The 2012 SwampGarden

This past weekend the sun was shining, the earth was warm and there was nothing in the extended forecast to indicate that a late spring freeze might be on its way, so we decided that it was time to purchase & plant this year’s version of The SwampGarden.

For those of you who don’t remember or don’t know, I like to think of myself as a “Gentleman Farmer” on the weekends. I have a garden that is 50 feet X 30 feet and has 12 planting beds of varying sizes in it. It also has a 7 foot fence that has been effective so far (knock on wood) at keeping the deer out. The fence wasn’t as effective that first year in keeping out rabbits & groundhogs so I had to wrap the fence in 160 feet of small mesh chicken wire and line the base with large river rocks. The result has been a pain to weed whack but I also have had virtually no critter problems since.

As in years past, I will be handling this on a Me vs Mother Nature basis so I won’t be using any pesticides. That means that once again, I am planting VOLUME. I know it’s a little ridiculous but I do finally believe in survival of the fittest and I will start weeding out non-starters much earlier this year. I have also take a little more of a community garden approach and spread different plants out around the garden instead of just having one kind in each bed. So what did I plant this year ? Here’s the list – I am sure I forgot something.


12 – Sweet 100 Cherry

3 – Yellow Cherry

1 – Black Pearl Cherry

6 – Grape

4 – Beefsteak

6 – Lemon Boy

6 – Roma

3 – Supersonic

3 – Celebrity

3 – Better Girl

1 – Cherokee Purple

1 – Pineapple

1 – Fourth of July


15 – Jalapeno

9 – Habanero

6 – Caribbean Red Hot

3 – Ancho

3 – Thai Chili

3 – Cherry Bomb

3 – Hot Portugal

2 – Tabasco


3 – Red Bell

3 – Yellow Bell

2 – Purple Bell

6 – Banana

3 – Pimento

6 – Italian Sweet


12 – Green Slicing Zucchini

6 – Yellow Summer

3 – Buttercup

3 – Acorn

3 – Spaghetti

4 – Bush Cucumbers

4 – Slicing Cucumbers

LETTUCE (not sure of numbers)

Red Sail


Salad Mix



Red Beets

Golden Beets

Striped Beets

Rainbow Carrots

Bush Beans

Henderson Beans (Flat)

Roma Beans

Yellow Beans

Snap Peas

Berries (Bushes already in place)


Red Raspberries

Black Raspberries

Golden Raspberries

Like I said, I think that is it. I may have missed one or two items. I am sure that some will fail and some will explode. I’m also sure that I will be very busy weeding, pruning & hopefully picking. Busy enough to keep my mind off my teeth (or lack thereof as the story goes).

Come back next time when I list everything that has already died or failed though just 4 days in, we are still looking a lot like Mr. GreenJeans.



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2 responses to “MT140 11.0 – The 2012 SwampGarden

  1. Janie

    Holy cow! But you really need to include okra.

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