Cooking Up A Blog Idea

Much like the culinary rut I found myself in at the beginning of the year, I am now finding myself to be stuck in a literary rut as well. I have a whole bunch of ideas for blogs and other things running around in my head. The only problem is that those ideas have absolutely no sense of direction and can’t seem to find their way down from my brain to my fingertips. The fact that I am hunt & peck typist makes it even harder to comprehend since there are only two fingertips my ideas have to find.

Now I wanted to write a blog about a beautifully successful dish I made recently but…..that hasn’t exactly happened. The only thing that I really made this month, other than scrambled eggs, pancakes & the occasional reservation or takeout order, was a bean salad that was colorful and somewhat tasty but certainly not worthy of several paragraphs of hyperbole so that meant that idea got swept into the discard bin.

So I thought about writing about a kitchen disaster because when it comes to writing about screw-ups, I have more than a few to share and those always generate a lot of comments & mirth but…..I did that last blog when I talked about cutting off a chunk of my finger on Mother’s Day so that idea got swept into the discard bin too.

Then I thought, why don’t I ask a food related question because those types of blogs, if you can call asking a question without a backstory a blog, always generate a lot of interest and comments but…..I couldn’t think of a question that I haven’t seen asked once, if not twice already. So into the discard bin went my third idea.

Not to be discouraged, I thought about writing a blog about relationships because people always want to talk about their relationship problems so I could pretty much guarantee a lot of comments but…..this is a food blog and unless we are talking about the unhealthy relationship I have with Edy’s Slow Churned Key Lime Frozen Yogurt (half the calories & half the fat), then I have nothing to offer in this area as I have been happily married for almost 18 years and out of the dating pool for over 20 years. Another idea bites the dust.

Then I thought about doing a nasty restaurant review because the last restaurant I went to in New York City was nothing but pretty food on small plates for astronomical prices but….the New York Times reaffirmed their 4 Star Rating just last week so my complaints would just look like an empty bottle of Angostura Bitters so that idea met the same fate as those that came before it.

But then mentioning the Angostura Bitters made me think about writing a blog about Summer Cocktails and other assorted Boat Drinks of varying flavors & potency but….then I remembered I quit drinking 24 years ago when there were only 2 flavors of vodka – good & bad – so I’m not exactly the expert on that subject like I was in the past so that idea got poured down the drain with the warm six pack of Dry beer I found in the basement. Or was it Ice beer ? I quit drinking so long ago I can’t remember which beer came after everyone was making & selling Gold beer.

So like an anxious cook flipping through a cookbook of last resort, I have come up empty and can’t think of a single thing to write. Come back next time when I throw more pasta at the ceiling to see if it sticks.


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