MT140 13.0 – Platform Positioning

As any commuter will tell you, positioning on the train, subway or bus platform is just like real estate. It’s all about location, location, location. When the train stops, you want to be the one standing there when the doors open so you can be first onboard. You want to be first on the train, subway or bus so you can get a good seat. You want a good seat on the train, subway or bus so that your day doesn’t start off any worse than it already is because you are stuck commuting to your job.

So it was with some surprise the other morning when Dunkin Donuts walked straight up to me and started the following conversation:

“Something has been bugging me, so I have to ask you a question.”


“Now when you do this as long as you & I have, you get used to regular patterns. But you are up at the end of the platform some days and at the other end other days and it bugs me.”

*me smiling & laughing*

“So what is it ? The day of the week ? The phases of the moon ? A flip of the coin ? I’ve got to know.”

“It’s actually quite simple. I like to walk to the office in midtown so on those days I ride the 7th avenue end of the train.”


“And on rainy days or days where the humidity is really bad, I take the subway so I ride the 8th avenue end of the train.”

“Thank you. That makes sense to me now.” And he started to walk away.

“It would have bothered me too.” I called after him though it wasn’t true.

I would have figured it out without having to ask.



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2 responses to “MT140 13.0 – Platform Positioning

  1. OpinionsToGo

    You are quite the strategist…must be an excellent chess player.

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