Flight Delays & Express Lanes

I travel for work. I travel for work a lot. Some would say that I travel for work too much and at times I would tend to agree. One of the offshoots of all this travel time is that I spend a great deal of time alone with my thoughts. That in and of itself could be a dangerous thing but for the most part, it’s pretty mundane. Sometimes those thoughts blossom into real ideas but most of the time they wind up under done like the last egg over easy I was served at Cracker Barrel. That being said, and because I have time to kill until my next flight, I thought I would share some of those thoughts with you.

What is with the big dessert craze ? I have been in Atlanta the last 3 days and every restaurant we went to had a bigger dessert than the guy next door. I a saw slice of pie that needing a zoning variance to be piled that high. I saw a bread pudding the size of a bowling ball. I saw a coconut cream dessert that looked like a cloud had landed on the table. And I saw a slice of cake that had so many layers I thought I was counting the rings of a tree. They were all really good too.

In-room coffee while being free is never good. I bring Starbucks Via Instant Coffee packets with me to spike the coffee when I make it.

To you actually pay for a free breakfast if the free breakfast is bad ?

I have to make a double batch of alligator chili for the Super Bowl this year since word got out I will trade it for BBQ.


I had a Cheesesteak Egg Roll last night at dinner. I wonder if Hoagie Haven in Princeton, NJ has ever thought of making those ?

And if you ever go to Hoagie Haven, will you get me a #17 with lettuce & tomato – no spices.

I made a Key Lime Bread Pudding the other night that was really good but I have already figured out what I need to do to make it better for next time. The idea started as a key lime cake but then my wife saw a show about bread pudding. I really liked the Blackberry Rum Sauce I made to go with it. I’ll share the recipe after I test the changes.

8 items or less. It’s not hard. You don’t even need both hands to count all the items in your basket to make sure you qualify. If you have to start using your toes, then you need to get out of line.

And really, who still writes checks and why don’t you already have it out when you hear the total at the register.

I think Propel Mandarin Orange is my favorite flavor of water though Propel Cranberry Lime is a close second. When I can’t get those, I try to get Vitamin Water Zero in either the Orange or Lemonade Flavors.

I went to a steak house and ordered Shrimp & Grits. I was in the south, can you blame me ?

I don’t know what the two guys sitting at the table next to me during breakfast today did for a living but after listening to them talk, I am pretty sure they don’t do it well.

The hotel gave me Room 222. Groovy.

Still trying to figure out my Super Bowl Menu items for Baltimore & San Francisco but I am thinking something Asian for SF as a nod to Chinatown. Maybe something with a twist or two in honor of Lombard Street.

I missed National Pie Day yesterday and I am missing National Peanut Butter Day today. Sounds like I need to combine the two this weekend.

Just saw my plane pull up. Thanks for spending a few moments with me while I waited for my flight. Refunds for those lost minutes of your life can be requested at 1-888-speaktothemachine. Have a great weekend.

(and my flight is currently delayed)


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