Aren’t You The Lucky Ones ?

After more than several months away from blogging about things other than food (and I haven’t been doing too much of that either), I have decided it’s time to get back to writing. By writing, I mean more than the 140 character blurbs that have been my life for almost 5 years. They will be long, they will be short, they will make no sense to anyone but me and they will touch on mainstream topics I have notoriously stayed away from online.

So consider yourself warned.

And also be warned, I probably won’t follow through on any of this writing bravado.



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2 responses to “Aren’t You The Lucky Ones ?

  1. Looking forward to it! Also, you should definitely follow through on the bravado 🙂

  2. swampynomo

    Thanks Nora – it’s the novel in the back of my mind that keeps trying to sneak ahead of the children’s book I just can’t pull the trigger on submitting because of a final line or two.

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