Tales from the #Commute – Heated Seats

I know, I shouldn’t complain about the heated seats in my car but I am. I actually have never had heated seats before I bought this car a few years ago. In the past the only way to heat up my seat on a cold winter morning was to fart but that has other consequences we need not discuss. I know that heated seats are a luxury. I know that heated seats are a lot of fun to turn on in August when one of my not always observant but ready for revenge in a heartbeat kids is sitting up front but I have one small problem with them. When you click to turn them on, you initially get seat warmer & back warmer turned on. With the second click of the button it turns off the back warmer but leaves on the seat warmer. There is no third click to turn off the seat warmer & turn back on the back warmer. The third click turns the whole thing off. I want my third click to turn on just the back warmer. Is that really too much to ask ?


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