100 Blogs and Counting…

Over on allrecipes.com I have written a grand total of 100 Blogs – here is #100

Four score and nineteen blogs ago I dropped a laptop with a debatable spell check program into a roomful of drunken monkeys and the rest, as they say, is history.

In those 99 blogs we have talked about a lot of things and most have of them have been food related. We have seen me chop off part of my finger while making “Chop-pino” for my wife. We have seen CHOPPED style battles in the kitchen with my kids (which I always win despite what my daughter’s blogs may counter). We have seen Doctor Killjoy order me to my room without dessert in response to my lifestyle, age & weight. We have seen a lifetime battle with my teeth play out with an apple waiting for me when the dust clears. We have even seen recaps of battles on the dance floor & battles on the football field that while technically weren’t food related somehow became food related. Most of all, we have interacted with each other on every topic and we have shared a more than few laughs at my expense.

Of course it really wouldn’t be one of my blogs if the drunken monkeys in the backroom didn’t go off on a tangent every now then so don’t be surprised, as if the 2 or 3 regular readers of this blog could ever be surprised by anything they read here, if some of what comes next doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I think I have gotten over my infatuation/tradition of eggnog in my coffee in the month of December. Maybe the eggnog I have been buying is of an inferior quality or maybe I just can’t stand it anymore. Be that as it may, I chugged the last sip in the carton this morning and poured heavy cream in my road coffee instead.

I made another double batch of my Grandmother’s Spritz Cookies recipe yesterday. I love using her old cookie press. The grooves slip if the batter is a bit stiff and the non-stick pans are warped & nasty looking but I can’t imagine baking cookies without either one of them.

I couldn’t help but notice yesterday that the Organic Butter I was using was a lot more YELLOW than the regular butter I had used previously. I wonder why ? They were both made by the same company.

Sea Salt, Chipotle, Key Limes – these are a few of my favorite things.

Santa forgot to bring me razor blades for Christmas. I haven’t shaved in 12 days. I’m beginning to look like I belong on either Duck Dynasty or Survivor.

I went to the basement on Christmas morning to pull out 2lbs of frozen crawfish tails for my Crawfish Pie that night only to discover that I only had frozen alligator meat in the freezer and no crawfish. Well after a several phone calls and a trip to a local Whole Foods (40 minutes away actually) where the seafood guy not only lied to me but then denied even speaking to my wife on the phone, we found some at Wegmans (another 40 minutes in another direction). Dinner saved and Whole Foods got shamed on Twitter to all 874 spambots that follow me.

They say that “Time flies when you are having fun”, I wonder what time does when I am at work ?

I’m still in love with Slide Ridge Honey Wine Vinegar though I am finding that I am using it a little less these days. I am finding that I am using the Tabasco Buffalo Style Hot Sauce more & more too.

And Sriracha ? Get it while you can and use it liberally.

I think I expected a little bit more out of Top Chef New Orleans. Too many of the challenges are themed for that week’s sponsor and not for the incredible locale. I don’t know who to root for as we get down to the final few cheftestants.

Speaking of food contests, The National Football League regular season ended so that means 12 teams have advanced to the playoffs. That also means that both the planning of the Souper Bowl Menu has begun and so has the National Food-Ball League Playoffs Preview Blog. I’m making a list of dishes to represent each team and we will see the results of that blog later in the week.

I am 51 years old and I have lived the NY/NJ area most of my life. I have never once had the desire to go anywhere near Times Square on New Year’s Eve. I am more than happy to let the countless tourists here in NYC do that for me.

At this time of year, it feels a lot like I am swimming downstream against throngs of spawning salmon when I try to walk to the train station at night. Tourists are drawn to the bright lights of Midtown like Zombies. I keep hearing “Swim Dori Swim” as I weave my way through each night.

I tried to make some New Year’s Food Resolutions in a blog a few years back. I am sure I broke them all. I know that “Giving Sushi A Fair Shot” was on the list but as I have said many times before, there is nothing wrong with sushi that a fire can’t fix. This year I am trying to come up with resolutions that are much harder to break so I can act superior to everyone by February.

I guess I can scratch “humility” off that list.

I still can’t make decent sweet potato fries.

I still can’t flip fried eggs in the air without the breaking the yolks. I am sure my kids are hoping that I never master it since they have all gotten so good at duck & cover whenever they hear the pan start to slide around on the burner.

I found it funny that the day that the Boston Globe wrote an article about where Anti-Black Friday Movements like Respect The Bird are today that the website was closed for not being renewed. It felt a little bit like a toothpick had been driven through my heart.

If I had a food truck it would have to have a Cajun flair to it. I have way too much Spanish Moss on my Culinary Soul to want to try it any other way.

I still think I should have saved a couple of those baby turtles we rescued and made Turtle Soup with them.

I rarely watch food shows when I cook. I can’t pay attention to serious dramas or comedies either. Sports make for good background noise but I can’t cook to baseball or basketball. Music is my #1 background cooking companion. I listen to a lot of reggae & Jake Shimabukuro when I cook alone.

I would love to be on Master Chef but I hate the way they manufacture the animosity. Why talk trash when you can have the food speak for itself. And I am sorry but there is no way those home cooks don’t have access to recipes on the day of those challenges.

Speaking of TV Cooking Shows – Guy’s Grocery Games needs to go away. He is an over-exposed heart attack waiting to happen and watching people run around a grocery store at the end for the grand prize is idiotic at best.

And speaking of idiotic, yes I will be flying more & more for work again this year so expect plenty of thoughts, trials, tribulations and culinary expeditions in the blogs to come.

So thanks for stopping by and making these 100 Blogs fun to write. I know I wouldn’t write them if you didn’t read them.

Happy Cooking & Happy New Year.


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  1. OpinionsToGo

    Well, I can honestly say, that I find this post to be your absolute best. Your “conversational” tone is so comfortable and easy to read.
    A 5 out of 5 stars!

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