The Eggnog Latte Conumdrum

In what has become yet another corporate marketing blunder, STARBUCKS has announced that the Eggnog Latte will be available yet again this holiday season in all stores by November 17. It seems that in an effort to streamline their product line, they did not anticipate their loyal consumers’ need for yet another cloyingly sweet Holiday drink.

Now I will admit that unlike the heinous & hideous Pumpkin Spice Latte, I can actually somewhat almost barely tolerate the Eggnog Latte . I have been known to pour eggnog into my coffee at home during December but the Eggnog Latte just isn’t quite the same.

So here is my conundrum, do I go to STARBUCKS and purchase an Eggnog Latte in an effort to show the corporate suits the error in their ways yet at the same time contributing to their bottom line or do I boycott STARBUCKS (which I do daily anyway) and remain part of the silent majority getting their coffee elsewhere ? In either case, I hope the eggnog flavor suppliers who had their holiday contracts cancelled, are really sticking it to STARBUCKS now for this late order of their short in supply product.

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