The Glorious Goodness of the Pimento Cheese Sandwich – 2008 Masters Revisited

With the Masters on the horizon – it’s always good to warn the first timers

Behind The Shades...

(The Masters is this week and in 2008 I had the pleasure of attending the Thursday & Friday rounds. Here is a blog I wrote on a now defunct – at least it should be – website about my visit and the impressions that it left)

I have to admit that I have sat here trying to figure out a way to best describe the events of the past few days and truly, I am at a loss for words. As a sports fan, there are events that you participate in and there are events that you attend and then there are there are those events that you can only truly really experience….

And then there is The Masters.

Lets get one thing out of the way first before we even begin to get to the rest of the awesomeness that is Augusta. Everyone I have ever spoken to about…

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