Tales From The #commute – Out of Context

I have been commuting out of the same NJ Transit train station now for almost 19 years. I have ridden a variety of trains over that time and I have seen a lot of different people at both the station and aboard the train. I have also seen a lot of the same people too. They are the people that I associate as only on existing as a part of my commute. So it is always a little bit surprising & a little bit weird to see one of those people in an out of context situation.

I bring this up because the other day I saw Weird Howard walking his dog down Main Street. Now I didn’t know Weird Howard lived in my town and I didn’t know Weird Howard owned a dog. I did have to smile however when I saw the dog. They say that owners & their dogs begin to resemble each other over time and in this case it was true. Weird Howard has a droopy faced Beagle. It is exactly the type of dog I would have expected him to have.


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