The Buzzard’s Bay Challenge Lamentation Dinner

Throughout the course of time, the forces of Good & Evil have done battle in any great number of ways and in any great numbers of arenas. Recently, yet another of these titanic struggles was waged on 18 holes tucked along the shores of Buzzard’s Bay between our champions, The Sea Stars (The Good) & our nemesis, The Sea Scallops (The Evil). It was two days of Chest Thumping Man Golf that despite accusations of chicanery & handicap manipulation, was really lost by the play of a hot ringer from North Carolina and when a 20 foot putt from off the green went in while an 80 foot double breaking uphill downhill putt lipped out of the hole. As the Team Chef for the event, I was tasked once again with creating a dish to commemorate the battle at this year’s, for lack of a better term, Lamentation Dinner.

Now last year, the Victory Dinner recipe involved Scallops with a Spicy Sweet Bourbon Sauce that was served over wilted greens in a tip of the hat to the monsoon like conditions in which we had to play. This year the winning team suggested that their “Celebration Dish” consist of Ham & a Six Pack. So I made them a ham sandwich on white bread with a warm can of Narragansett Beer. To be honest, my culinary side was somewhat offended by such plebian fare for such an august occasion so I went back to the kitchen to create something a little more fitting. So may I present to you all:

Ham Wrapped Scallops in a Golden Putter Sauce

1lb – Sea Scallops (cleaned & dried)

1lb – Baked Ham – thinly sliced

2 TB – Olive Oil

Golden Putter Sauce:

¼ cup – White Wine

4 TB – Butter (half a stick)

¼ tsp – Ground Mustard

¼ tsp – Turmeric

½ of a Lemon

Sea Salt & White Pepper to taste


Melt the butter in a sauce pan over medium heat and add the wine, ground mustard, turmeric, lemon, sea salt & pepper. Stir occasionally while letting it simmer & reduce.

While the sauce is simmering & reducing, clean & dry each scallop and then wrap each one in a slice of ham by folding the corners under the scallop so they resemble a little package.

Once the ham is wrapped around the all of the scallops, put the olive oil in a large sauté pan and bring it up to medium high heat. Place the scallops into the pan fold side down and let them cook for 5-6 minutes while moving them around the pan. This should help sear the folds shut. Then flip the scallops and sauté top side down for another 3-4 minutes.

Remove from the pan and arrange the packets fold side down on the plate. Drizzle the hot Golden Putter Sauce over the little packets and serve & enjoy.

Makes about 16 scallops

FORE !!!

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