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Like a Phoenix named Fawkes….

It has been so long since I last set pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard as the case may be) that I am not sure where to start, what to say or how to say it. I am actually at a loss for words which considering my historical propensity for verbosity is actually quite humorous & telling at the same time. It does figure that I am currently at 38,000 feet while trying to sort all of the things out in the mess that is my head. I can gaze out the window at the passing landscape but I am too detached from it all to be able to focus on any one particular thing long enough to know or pretty much care what it is in reality. I can only give it a passing thought and move on. It is there for a brief instant and then it is behind me & forgotten. Much like this airplane though, I do have one singular goal and that is to get to my final destination so I can just go home. It really is too bad that my ruby slippers are in my other suitcase.

(Julia Roberts flick being shown on the plane – don’t look up)

In the time that I have been not writing (because to be honest, 140 characters at a shot is not writing) a lot things have changed and also stayed the same. President Obama has started to turn on the very same media that elected him. MSNBC still doesn’t use the right side of the TV screen and Fox News still doesn’t use the left. CNN is still somewhere to the left of center but even they can’t make up their minds as to where they want to be. LOST ended it’s penultimate season with a Jughead inspired reset (perhaps) but still didn’t answer the questions of Jacob, the 4 toed statue, the 2nd plane crash or the 2 Lockes. Paula Abdul left American Idol (maybe), Michael Vick returned to the NFL (woof) and now Brett Favre has unretired again (conveniently once the two a day practices have ended) but this time he is wearing Purple & Gold instead of Green & Gold or Green & White. All I really know is that the Black & Blue just got a lot more interesting. Someone won the Stanley Cup (intentionally blocking) but I can’t tell you who it was. Someone won the NBA Title and I can’t tell you who because I don’t care. I think the Yankees are in first, pain & suffering have returned to the Fenway Faithful and the Mets really suck. Some celebs hooked up & got nekkid somewhere. Alyssa Milano seems to be trying real hard to be the “Walter Cronkite of Twitter” and Ashton Kutcher spouts lame platitudes to his 2m+ followers in the name of his “teacher”. Sarah Palin actually quit the day job so many people told her not to quit last year. The Hangover was the first no kids movie I deemed worthy of spending $100+ to see. I met 2 authors that I have always admired from afar and realized how far out of their league I really am. My garden went to hell as soon as I left for my longest vacation since my honeymoon and after 15 years of marriage, it was great to get that unexpected second honeymoon even if the kids were with us.

So I guess what I am trying to say in a mostly incomprehensible collection of misguided missives and transient thoughts is that it’s nice to get a second chance at writing again for a third or fourth time. I wasted my English major in college and have done irreparable harm to it in the ensuing years but like a Phoenix named Fawkes, it has arisen again. Who knows what or where it may strike next but keep your eyes & ears on this space and I may just surprise you. I know I may have surprised or disappointed myself.

From behind the shades, swampy abides……

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